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IMG_1745.jpgWhen someone asks for a bio the first thing I think is "why?". Theres nothing all that special about me and my life is relatively free of drama and madness. I've never been a drug addict, Ive never been arrested for crazy behavior (Thou I do imagine myself as a wild man, risk taker/ninja, taking life by the horns and riding my motorcycle off into the sunset ) its really a lie, I dont own a motorcycle :). I think of my life to date as a set of bullet points.

  • Family got involved in a carnival when I was young (ask me when you have a few hours)
  • Traveled the country in various type of vehicles
  • Cared for exotic cats (lions tigers etc...)
  • Made many friends from accross the spectrum of humanity and economic conditions
  • Ran away from the circus to attend the University (their very similar just different dental plans)
  • Through no fault of my own I accediently attended one of the best art programs I have ever seen at The University of Toledo.
  • Met an incrediable mentor/friend Thomas Lingeman
  • Grad school at "The University of Idaho"
  • Met another great mentor/friend Richard Higgs"
  • Became a raging liberal (well thats how I imgine myself anyway :) )
  • Got a job supporting faculty at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

So so far I think im doign pretty good. Little bit of this and that. Im curious about darn near everything and I think Im pretty good with that. My most recient favorite quote is from a book "Tricked", by Kevin Hearne " Dont go silently, go out raging at full volume". Its not quite exactly right but I'll look up the exact phrasing later :).


And!! I have cats! Their Awesome!