Brian Ledwell

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Aloha from Hell, by Richard Kadrey


Narrated by: MacLeod Andrews

Ive listened to this book twice. The second time I listen to it is because I actually forgot anything about it. Im wasn't sure why. I mean I can look at the 200+ books in my library and tell you, maybe not the details, but certainly a brief overview of just about any of them. This one was blank to me, I think I have an idea why having finished the second read. First, The book is filled with self loathing and complaining, two things that I find annoying. The second is the storyline allows the characters to travel between life/earth, heaven & hell. When you do this you create an environment where theres no consequence to dying. You have to find something else to drive the story to make the characters story have meaning. There are entire chapters where all the characters are gathered together for a going away.. well.. death, with our hero who’s still alive. I keep wondering why? Why all the consternation. Why the angst? He’s going off to maybe die but probably not and even if he did its not like he’s gone for good. During this chapter theres lots of remembering old times and lost loves and… well I think you get the idea. Most of the book is like this. I think I forgot it because nothing that happens in it really changes anything. Its a forgettable book in the series. Id go so far to say if you were to read all the books in the series and miss this one Im not sure you’d really notice. The narration is well performed so its not that. I guess that in general I was just disappointed with the book. My guess is that if you read the previous books you will read this one because its simply the next book. Just be aware you might not find yourself all that engaged… and thats ok, its not you, its the story.