Brian Ledwell

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Angel City: The AZngelus Trilogy, by Jon Steele

Great book good character development

Narrated by: Jonathan Davis

Both books in this series are long. Theres not a lot of action so theres plenty of time for character development. By the time the book is over you really feel like you know the characters. I don't normally have a problem with language in movies or books but found the heroines language to be a bit much and was used too often, Its such a part of her vocabulary that it feels like every other sentence shes swearing at someone. She talks to people in such a way to really make her hard to like. Im sure this was intended but I found that it got tedious after a while.

I like that the cat from the first book got some time as well. He has some personality but its not too much, just enough to flavor the story.

Oh and lastly!! a major annoyance!.. When I was a kid I used to watch a lot of TV. Well occasionally Id be really worried that I was going to die before the next episode because the episode that just finished ended with a big message "To Be Continued..." This book actually endes this way. So I might suggest waiting till the third book comes out so you don't have to worry about surviving for a year till the next book comes out :). The first book had an ending but was written to allow a continuation of the story.