Brian Ledwell

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Annihilation:Southern Reach Trilogy, Book1, by Jeff VanderMeer

Action! - Insert a stream of consciousness here."

Narrated by: Carolyn McCormick

This is a difficult book to like. The people on the team sent to study the environment never call to each other by their names just their role. So you hear them refer to each other as “the psychologist” or “the botanist”. You learn that the government has been throwing people at this problem for a while. So, the government doesn’t care about them, they don’t seem to care about each other, and that makes it difficult for me to care about any of them either. Its not that I disliked them its just that there was nothing there to like or examine. As far as character development goes it was quite shallow.

The action scenes are just some surreal type of writing. This isn’t a quote but imagine a thought like this.. "I was drowning, but the water wasn’t water but like glass which wasn’t hard so much as it was really like light that become orange and that orange would not have tasted unlike a jello shot left in the open air for days on end without any friends feeling left out of the party. There was no taste, no water just the sound of soup.” I have to give Carolyn McCormick credit. She was a trooper reading all that and sounding good doing it. The whole book didn’t read this way but the action sequences were darn near impossible to follow.

I like the concept behind the story just not the actual writing. The people were shallow and bland. Its one of those books I took a chance on and probably won’t continue onto the next one.