Brian Ledwell

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EX-Heros, by Peter Clines

Great for listening too, twice!

Narrated by: Jay Snyder, Khristine Hvam

This series is just plain fun! The characters are likable, even the bad guys are a blast, I laughed out loud occasionally. Most people I think can find someone to relate to. The choice to use a female and male narrator for the different characters works very well and I quickly become immersed in the story. The author, Peter Clines uses a clever technique to let you know when your listening to the backstory by beginning each chapter with the narrator saying "Then" or "Now" so you know the timeframe your listening too. Clines does an excellent job of writing about a variety of different superpowers so if your a superhero fan you will most likely love this book. If your a comic book fan you will most likely love this book. If you are a fan of good solid strong female characters you will mostly likely love this book.

Its one of the few books (along with the Harry Dresden series) that I have a hard time finding any fault with and have listened to it a couple of times while waiting for the next one to be completed.

Its a cheap book to pick up and get started with, give it a chance it takes 2 genres and blends them together beautifully.