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Ex-Purgatory, by Peter Clines

I was surprised to really enjoy this!

Narrated by: Jay Snyder

TV, Comic Books and other media that take their characters and start messing with their minds generally annoy me. Every scifi show (at least that I've watched or read) has at least one storyline where the main character you've come to know has their memory wiped by some mechanism. They then they go about acting in ways that is against what you know about their motivations and behavior. Or worse, the whole thing plays out in dream sequence where everything you have come to learn about the world is wiped away to be replaced with your hero in a mental institution for the duration of the story.

This is what I worried about when I read the description of the book. But I need not have worried. The characters while not remembering who they were don't act differently. They don't all of a sudden hate each other and start fighting until some bizarre event sets things right. The pacing is perfect. As the story progresses slowly and you get to spend time trying to puzzle out the problem. The characters have time to find out for themselves whats going on and have to work together as a team to solve the problem. The teamwork is what I think I loved about the book. By the end of the book I was left feeling very satisfied.

If you like the previous books you'll like this one as well.