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Frankenstein, Book Two: City of Night, by Dean Koontz, Ed Gorman

The new race... Are a bunch of whiners!!

Narrated by: John Bedford

The entire book you have to listen to these test tube creations (grown to be perfect) whine and complain about the same thing over and over. I mean, I get it, I got it after the second complaint! They don't have free will! But you hear them complaining about it in the same words, coming from different characters, over and over again. The narrator does a good job of sounding whiny which adds the annoyance factor. If they were to have limited the whine to say 1 instance per character you’d have a significantly shorter and "much" more enjoyable book.

If you can get past that, then the rest of the story is ok, not great but.. ok and thats usually fine for me. The narrator is perfect for the male voices but female voices weren’t distinct enough to allow me to become immersed. I just don’t think he has that range he’s just gonna sound like a deep voiced male reading a female part.

The book suffers a bit and really needed a good editor to pick it apart. Id like to know what happens in the next book but I’m not all that inclined to continue.