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Horns, by Joe Hill

Please, stick a icepick in my ear!

Narrated by: Fred Berman

I picked up this book because I heard a movie was being made of it with Daniel Radcliff. After listening to the book I have lost all interest in watching the movie and wish there was some sort of return policy. (sigh) To be fair, it was well written, I cannot fault the author, the book just wasn't my cup of tea. I enjoy light fun books to read. I like books that I'm pretty sure there will be characters (at least one) I like and leaves me in a good mood. This book gave me none of that. Ignatious is pretty much a jerk throughout the book and about 1/2 the way through it I was just hoping it would hurry up and be over. I kept expecting it to get better but it didn't.

The narrator did a great job and if your into literature and symbolism then you will probably enjoy this book but if your a listener like me and want a fun read then pass this one up.