Brian Ledwell

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I Am Legend, by Richard Matheson

Its not you, its me ...

Narrated by: Robertson Dean

My review isn't fair. The book was written in 1954 and as been adapted to film a couple of times. Its been influential in the development of the modern day zombie genre and has helped form the foundation of the myths of vampires and all the cliches we've come to know and love about them. I had heard about the book for years and never picked it up. I thought maybe it was time that I gave some books that that were influential in the genres I enjoy some joy. But for me time didn't do the book any favors.

Neville is alone and lonely. The only friends and companions he makes he ends up killing or they try to kill him. He finds a dog and that helps alleviate the loneliness but it eventually becomes infected and he has to kill it. Its terribly painful to listen to. For me the most unbelievable part of the story (and this is a book about vampires) is that with only a library and time you can become a geneticist and identify the cause of a virus.

If your very sensitive to the feelings of others be careful of this book. It does a very good job of making you feel terrible about Nevilles situation. Every time you get teased that theres a glimmer of hope for him, a light or some break in his pain your immediately hit over the head with a bat. When finished my overall feeling was one of depression and hopelessness. For me thats a big deal I don't subject myself to stories that leave me feeling like that. So follow this up with something lighthearted or funny maybe something by "David Sedaris".