Brian Ledwell

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Impulse, by Steven Gould


This book is a good continuation of the jumper series. It introduces new uses of their power and focuses on the teenage daughter of Mili and David. This was my concern about the story. I was afraid it was going to follow the Twilight like highschool teenage angst. The girl who doesn't fit in and cant find love and is generally depressed the whole time till she find a guy to fix her. But it did a refreshing job of breaking a bunch of those stereotypes.

Cent is a strong female character. She finds her own solutions to dangerous situations she finds herself in . A guy doesn't come in to rescue her. She's good at math and science. The whole story is peppered in small daily uses of math and science experiments. I liked that it highlighted math in a positive way. Yes Id agree that Cent is too good at math for her age but were listening to a book about people who can teleport so maybe some suspension of disbelief is required :). There some romance in the book but its not much and fits with the storyline.

Also its nice that the super-powered beings are doing what Id hope people with their gifts would actually be doing in real life. Their not always fighting crime, their concerned with environmental causes and try helping out people in various communities using their gifts to bypass military blockades and getting food to impoverished areas. There are also consequences to using their powers to help people. Things get out of their control that they cant fix and people get hurt because of their actions. So they have to think about how they use their gifts before they act.