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Jumper: Griffin's Story, by Steven Gould

Growing up with powers story

Narrated by: Ted Barker

I like the jumper series. This is a solid story in that series that slowly broadens the world If I had any big criticism of the book it would be that it didn't go far enough to broaden the world. Right about where you'd expect to start hearing about the secret organization the book ends. Id expect to hear some about the history of the organization, maybe its ethos. But really this book focuses on the main character and his growing up story. And thats fine, it does a good job of that.

Some other reviews talk about the book having a lot of sex and language and cautioning against it. I didn't find that to be true for me. You'd have to be pretty sensitive to find the book offensive.

While I liked the book I didn't find it as enjoyable as the others in the series. It could be that the book isnt as light hearted. There isn't really a sense of wonder of joy or play in the exploration of the power like there is in the other books in the series. It was simply a tool for him to get from one pace to another and that was about it. So the power part (the part you probably want to hear more details of in the story) was really kinda boring to listen about. I find "Cent" and "David" characters to be a more interesting characters in the series.