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Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment, by James Patterson

Soon to be a Marvel Comic, and why is it abridged?"

Im not sure what makes up "young adult" literature. Is the sentence structure easier? Easier words and verbiage or is it the themes? Is it specifically about X age characters? If so would Carrie or Fire Starter be classified as YA? Wikipedia defines its as a "coming of age" novel. It was an easy book to listen too. I liked the characters and really liked a section where a human vet found out about the winged human and we got to see the angel child throu an adults eyes for a bit. Im not sure why but I was reminded of some after school specials I watched when I was young(er) :).

I will probably listen to the rest of the series. I had 2 minor annoyances and 1 major one
1) Apparently they seem to think adding electronic music at important parts of the story makes the action sequences more entertaining. I found that pretty annoying, just let the narrator read she did an excellent job.

2) The plot seemed to jump from one section to another. One moment there in peril getting beaten up. The fight seems to be over then all of a sudden there flying free. It happened a couple of time so I don't think it was a damaged file but that was jarring..

3) Major annoyance.. Why is book abridged?? Im pretty sure Id have been happy to hear the whole thing or maybe they think their audience "Young Adults" have too short of an attention span. Either way I marked it dow a bit because of that.