Brian Ledwell

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Odd Interlude, by Dean Koontz

Remember the Crystal Skull?

Narrated by: David Aaron

I like this series. The narrator sounds naive and hopeful like I think Odd probably would be. He has the perfect voice for Odd. But I liked this story as much as I disliked it. Heres my thing. I love books that explore the wonder of our world. The good and the bad its magical properties and gives a different perspective with which to view our world. And up to now the wonder has been things that are wonderful about "us" . Odd is human who has special powers. He's one of us. If is power is ever explained please let it be something marvelous about humanity that caused it. In this book we find this huge sphere and secret government facility that started out kinda cool. Was it something created by the earth? or maybe old druids or priests using long forgotten powers they got by eating overripe pineapples or something? no! Turns out (probably isn't a need for a spoiler alert you already guessed it) its from ALIENS. Oh and guess what? Their EVIL too? Or at least the evil scientist that was doing evil experiments with the alien DNA did evil things with the alien power.

Its the same sort of thing I found annoying about the last Indiana Jones move "The Crystal Skull". Lets imply that all the wonder and magic we feel is caused other worldly entities. I mean the Earth is boring right!? Were not good enough to possible generate that sort of whimsey or beauty without having some external force that give our lives meaning and clarity.

And I like sci-fi man bring it on. But leave it in a scifi book or one of his other many supernatural books. While I don't hate the book I was just disappointed that Aliens had to be introduced. It just feels lazy. Why is energy causing my skin to tingle and fall ouff? Oh that? Dont worry about it its an Alien thing no need for explanation or further thought.