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Warship: Black Fleet Trilogy: by Joshua Dalzelle

Universe of Missfits

Narrated by: Mark Boyett

I don't think of myself as a military procedural book reader. I love space epics, fantasy and scifi. This book is pretty good. It has characters that are interesting and are experienced (older). The ship is crewed by misfits and have some amount of growth through the story. I liked how it felt, I dunno.. "real", is that possible in a space ship/alien drama, does it sound stupid? You see, they didn't have many plot "conveniences", theres no teleporters or anything to get them from point A to B quickly to move from one action sequence to another (with the exception of an FTL). Even in their communications theres signifiant delays. I've heard it said that war is "interminable boredom punctuated by moments of terror" and this book is very much like that (but not boring :) ). Because distance between objects in space are really far apart strategy becomes more important, they will fire a missile and wait for hours before they know if its actually successful. So they need to be clever in more deliberate ways. The action sequences are really short and tense with long planning sessions, plenty of time for character development.

I grew up with shows like BSG and Star Blazers. Shows with old outdates spaceships and damaged crews having to rise to the occasion. This book touches a bit on those plot lines. It was fun to listen too, Ill listen to the others, when they come out.