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7-Nifty Technologies

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 Sometimes called "Thing on a Ring" (coined by friend Kerry Huberty) this class covers 7 current technologies I think users should be aware of. Its a one hour class and changes based on current trends and usefulness of the utility. And, of course, I get board so I change them up for something different each time :). I do have to say that "Evernote" has consistently made the cut (note: since Evernote has changed their terms of service and only allows usage on two devices Ive decided to move to Microsoft OneNote, It has nothing to do with functionality and everything to do with their TOS changes). 

I started making these cards a while ago for the class and find them to be nice small reminders of the topics covered. They have QR codes and students are showed how to access the app via a QR code reader. Good real tech learning experience. It has over time evolved and Ive changed the format to try different things. Please note the way I produce these is a bit time consuming. I print out an 8.5x11 heavyweight stock card with all the tools printed on it and cut them up. Then I print the QR code stickers and apply them to each one (without mixing them up :) ). Ive had some success using "QR Factory" it lets me create tech QR code and I can put a little icon on each QR code so I don't accidentally put the wrong QR code on the wrong chit.

Thing on a Ring

This version had card like objects with holes in the upper left of each card. I used a keyring to bind them together and handed them out at the beginning of class. 

7 nifty technologies collector cards



I experimented with using stickers. I passed them out to the students and they stuck them on a card I provided them divided up into different categories: Fun, Work Tools, Utilities. When I talked about the utility they could peal and stick to the card where they thought it should go. There was no grading or browbeating it was all subjective :). It also gave me the opportunity to involve the students a little more in the course.



 A term I got from playing "Advanced Squad Leader". I just liked the name so I stole it :). Anyway, the Chits have the tool Im talking about on the front and a QR code on the back. I like the QR code idea because I can throw that at them as a sort of a bonus.


Avery QR code stickers: 22805