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iPad Ninja Class

Class description and materials given during the community and UW Oshkosh class

These are a lof of fun. Ive given a number of them and with each session I get a better understanding of how these marvolous devices have effected people lives. I can see their joy as they learn something new (hopefully). I currently have an iPad and an iPad Pro. Apple keeps making great devices that are equally great at draining my wallet. :)

1 Hour Workshop Description

iPad devices. What can they be used for? What secret sauce lives under the hood that makes them great? Come to this workshop to learn about features you might not be aware of. Use that knowledge to make that bright shiny new device you got for Christmas even more awesome.

2 Hour Workshop Description

In this two-hour iPad Ninja Training Class, you will learn the ins and outs of using the iPad and how it can make your digital life richer and more playful. You will learn about apps that make you the envy of your peers and super-nerd of your department. You will see how the iPad can be turned into a tool of mass instruction or handheld personal organizer. Bring your own iPad, borrow one of ours (we have a handful) or just hangout and absorb the iPad immersion Your iPad Ninja training begins here. Seating is limited to 12, so sign up soon!


iPad itinerary

  • iPad Anatomy
  • Power
    • Chargers are not all alike
  • Comfort settings
    • Text & comfort Settings
    • Homescreens / Icon Management / Creating Folders
    • Navigating between apps
    • Slide Over / Split View
  • Gestures
    • (doubletap home button) 4 didgit swipe
  • Control Panels /Notifications center (badges)
    • Bluetooth (Set up bluetooth device)
    • Volume beep control
    • Do not disturb
    • Airdrop
    • Batterlife how to save it / reduce motion / comfort settings
  • Spotlight Search
  • Siri
  • keyboard
    • Dictation
    • keyboard tricks predictive text short cut
  • Photos
    • iPhoto syncing. plans. mom setup / caution / iCloud library panos / hdr
    • View image location
    • Photo slideshows
    • HDR photos
  • Security / find my iPhone
  • Control Panel
  • Family Sharing
  • Continuity/handoff
  • Data Usage
  • Selling your iPad / deleting data
  • Browser private mode
  • Maps