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Google Gauntlet

A Faculty/Staff training class focusing on a week of Google apps.

This was a class recently put on in the IDEA lab at UWO. Including myself we had 4 instructors teaching faculty and staff different google applications. Were a google campus and this helps to get people a better understanding of how your google account can be used in different ways. Were also trying to encourage the use of google calendar and using it for scheduling. All in all I think it was effective and got good feedback. Most of the classes were comfortable full. The most full was the class on "Sheets". Below is the description of the class(s).

Google Gauntlet Class

The Google Gauntlet

Slay your dragons at UW Oshkosh Google Gauntlet! We have 4 dungeon masters, and 5 monster applications for you to conquer, Chrome, Email & Calendar, Hangouts, Sheets and Forms. These 1 hour sessions are designed to give you a quick introduction, overview and killer tips. We will extend the demonstrations by ½ an hour for those who'd like to level up and learn some secrets for battle. After lunch snacks will be provide for those using the code phrase “We have a Goo-gle to slay!” sing to the music by Glenn Yarbrough, “Where there's a whip there's a way!” (LOTR cartoon 1980)


Description: Everybody uses a browser but few people really use it well. Attend this class to learn to be more productive and speedy in your internet browsing.

Email and Calendar

Description: Did you know email and calendar were very much tied together? Attend this session to make your communication usage more efficient and effective.


Description: Attend this session to learn about communicating face to face quickly and funnly (is this a real word? It should be.)


Description: Don’t give a Sheet? Well you should! Come see how to share and collaborate on data analysis in Google Sheets.


Description: Need to get quick and easy feedback? Come see how Forms can help you do just that.

Some handouts for the class

Google Hangouts VS Blackboard Collaborate infographic

Google Hangouts VS Blackboard Collaborate (PDF)