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D2L Templates

These were created to give faculty a good starting point (or boilerplate) you can use. Simply upload the files to D2L and choose which ever template you want to start out with. Change the boiler plate text with your own. No need for CSS or HTML knowledge. Directions on how to add these templates into D2L.

Fire Template Preview Images


Download the Fire Template zip file


Earth Template Preview Images


Download the Earth Template zip file


Water Template Preview Images


Download the Water Template zip file


Yellow Template Preview Images


Download the Yellow Template zip file


Change Log

  • 7/17/16
    • When in edit mode TinyMCE (the editor) now respects the background header color
  • 7/16/16
    • Added New "Yellow" theme
    • Fixed spelling mistakes 
  • 7/14/16
    • Added New "Water" theme